Three Ways To Market Your Wedding Planning Business During Coronavirus

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Hi Friend!
If you were on the LIVE virtual wedding planner call Tuesday in my Chancey Charm Wedding Planner Facebook Group, we talked about ways to uplevel your marketing, as we navigate the next few weeks – so your wedding planning business can come out strong.
Wedding planner marketing is my jam – so let’s do this!
  • Write Blog Posts About Past Events, Venues or Vendors You Love - This will help new couples find you + your services when they look online.
  • Then Pinterest that junk!: Make sure you create pins via a program like to pin your posts + site to Pinterest. Pinterest is a fabulous search engine and great way to get new couples to your site. Does Pinterest stress you out? Check out my friends Vanessa and Claire below.
  • Increase online exposure with PR opportunities >> Explore Published & Pretty's Getting Published guide for past events or Join a platform like HARO -
As I mentioned in my video training and this post, I’m sharing a few of my very favorite resources to get you rolling with these items below.  I also recommend you hit up from FREE Wedding Planner Launch Guide here.
My friend Vanessa Kynes is a Pinterest expert and is currently offering a free start up guide & Pinterest course! I totally recommend you snag the freebie if you’re ready to dive in!
MY VA: If getting Pinterest rolling + creating pins is stressing you out, Vanessa and my fabulous VA CC Assist offer fabulous services to start pinning for your business with excellence!
Chancey Charm would not be where it is today without the services of Kristen Green, who is now serving wedding companies acorss the nation with her PR services and Getting Published Guide.  If you’re ready to get a past wedding, shoot or even published, she’s your gal! Check her guide out here.
If your business is completely new, but you have plenty of experience and expertise, I recommend you join a platform like HARO for online pr exposure opportunities.
While not mentioned in this video, we’ve raved before about our friends at TAYLRD Media + Designs & Sourced Co. in previous training videos and posts.  We’re really loving these fabulous, free marketing resources they are sharing with a heart of gold in this season.  These are fabulous as you continue to navigate this unusual season and are looking for quality content for your socials + website!

I hope this content is a blessing to your friend and leaves you feeling inspired for the journey ahead.

I’m rooting for you!

Sarah Chancey
Founder + Wedding Planner Mentor at Chancey Charm

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how to market your wedding planning business during coronavirus, how to market your wedding planner business during corona, how to market your wedding planner business, how to become a wedding planner

The Biggest Secret To Success

wedding planner education, how to be a successful wedding planner, wedding planner career

As I take a few moments to review the many visions, logos, and site designs we have had over the past few years, I can’t help but giggle a bit. It’s been a crazy journey; one that began in Denver, Colorado as a daydream and divine conversation in a park one sunny afternoon with my husband. I’ll never forget what a simple dream it was. I wanted to encourage women through their engagement season and create beautiful weddings that guests enjoyed. I wanted the creative freedom to run my own business and flexibility to make my own hours as a future mom. I never imagined what was ahead for this small business. I never dreamed that I’d have several full-time planners on my team in multiple cities, or that I’d be able to help other women experience the same joy of having a creative career they love, while allowing them to focus on their families.

It’s been a wild ride, filled with highs and lows, often feeling defeated or on top of the world all in the same day. It’s been a constant push of letting go before I was comfortable with it. And, a lot of mistakes and hard lessons along the way, all of which have shaped me into the business owner I am today. It’s with these experiences that I launched my Wedding Planner Academy and education resources, for those seeking the same adventure, but with a proven launch process and marketing method. They are filled with the questions and guidance I wish I had access to when I started this journey. It’s exactly what I’d share with someone starting their own creative business over a cup of coffee.

Luckily, I learned early on that I would be more successful and save myself a lot of time if I could delegate things I was not great at to those that were. Yes, I have struggled with how to do this and made many mistakes, but the freedom is well worth the cost.

Letting others participate and take ownership in Chancey Charm has propelled it much further than I could have alone. Having an incredible team, has given me valuable family time with my husband and son AND allowed me to do the things that I love in my business.

The BEST thing I have done in just over six years in the wedding industry is building a team and LETTING GO.

I encourage you to think about one thing you could let go of today to gain back valuable family time. Odds are, that this will actually propel your growth, as you let someone else’s strength fill your weakness.

What can you let go of today, that will propel your business forward?

Do you need branding or social media help? What about bookkeeping?  Need someone to train your team?


Cheers Friends!

Sarah Chancey

Founder, Creative Director of Chancey Charm



Sarah chancey shares how the importance of community and building a team has enabled her to achieve success as a business owner as well as allowing her to spend time with her family!


Looking for more ways to market and grow your wedding planning business? Learn how to become a wedding planner, how to market your wedding planner business and more by checking out my training center here.