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How To Market Your Wedding Planner Business | The Wedding Planner Business Bundle

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Are you ready to launch your wedding planning business without the hassle of trying to figure it all out on your own?

When you’re launching your wedding planning biz you want to have everything up and running right away so that you can focus on planning incredible events for your clients. The problem is, you don’t have the business structures in place in order to give those clients the fabulous experience they deserve.

Even though you know Rome wasn’t built in a day, you’re frustrated because you wish your business foundation could be! I get it, and I agree. It doesn’t have to take years to get everything up and running. You can (and should) use the tried and true resources and templates from others in order to create the groundwork for your business.

I understand the uncertainty you’re feeling right now. You want to know you’re doing it right. And you want to know that the tools you are using are proven, and will “have your back” so to speak, as you’re working with your first few clients and building your portfolio.

I felt the exact same way as a new planner. That’s why I created these resources for you. I’ve put together this bundle to give you everything you need to get the proper foundation in place as you set up the backend of your wedding planning business.

And if you’re questioning whether these resources will work for you, let me reassure you. Each of these templates and wedding planner marketing techniques are used by Chancey Charm planners in over a dozen markets across the country! Because of that, they will be an invaluable resource to you whether you’re in Boston or Boise.

These downloadable resources are easy to use and will outline the main backend business structures you need to start creating a profitable planning business. Simply:
1. Download the PDF guides
2. Implement the tips, checklists, and other resources
3. Plan like a pro and feel like the boss you are

So if you’re sick of creating templates that haven’t been tested, and crossing your fingers hoping you’ve thought of everything, it’s time to invest in The Wedding Planner Business Bundle.

monthly installments via affirm available at checkout for purchases over $70


- Carol Lathrop ( Event Planner, IMESevents)
- Carol Lathrop ( Event Planner, IMESevents)
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No matter how good your are, establishing a successful event planning business is hard to do when you don't have a plan to follow. Thanks to the Chancey Charm Resource Center, I now have a solid plan.
- Camille Ervin, Founder + Lead Planner at 𝐃yan 𝐄vents
- Camille Ervin, Founder + Lead Planner at 𝐃yan 𝐄vents
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Sarah is amazing! I seriously have no words for how she guided me on the launch of my new planning business. So happy to have her as a mentor!
- Cammie Mitchell Scirica (Wedding Planner, Cambria Events)
- Cammie Mitchell Scirica (Wedding Planner, Cambria Events)
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Chancy Charm has been a welcome place for straightforward and helpful advice. They have built a community with a really nice feeling of support that, in the events industry, is not always present.
- Sarah-Daye ( Destination Wedding Planner, Night and Dayeevents )
- Sarah-Daye ( Destination Wedding Planner, Night and Dayeevents )
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I love the community Sarah has created with Chancey Charm! Her knowledge is what I have been looking for and she is a great "virtual" mentor! I highly recommend her resources, and joining her Facebook community you won't regret it.




– WEDDING PLANNER LAUNCH GUIDE: – 5 key steps to becoming a wedding planner (aka Chancey Charm’s proven wedding planner marketing plan) & 3 free images to get you rolling on your site + socials

– HOW TO MARKET YOUR WEDDING PLANNING BUSINESS WITH CLARITY:  this resource will help you define your vision statement, target client and get a process in place for building your brand with your target client in mind.

SARAH’S PERSONAL CREATIVE BUSINESS RESOURCE LIST (now included in the launch guide): if you want to know the go-to platforms and professionals that Chancey Charm uses every day, then you need this list!

– CREATING STYLED SHOOTS TO BUILD YOUR BRAND (STYLED SHOOT 101): so that you have all of the information you need to ensure you plan a beautiful, organized, and professional styled shoot that is sure to wow clients and publications alike!

– ATTRACT YOUR TARGET CLIENT ONLINE (SEO FOR WEDDING PLANNERS): this guide will help you master the online game and create content that is optimized for SEO meaning that your ideal client can’t help but find you!

– VENUE PARTNERSHIP GUIDE: If you’d like to snag the exact venue partnership process we’ve used at Chancey Charm, to grow 13 new locations, then this is the guide you’ve been waiting for!

– SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY MADE SIMPLE if you’ve struggled to employ a social media strategy that actually works, Sarah will walk you through a few things will move the needle the most, so you can get back to doing what you do best–working with your clients.

PROFESSIONAL INQUIRY PROCESSES + EMAIL TEMPLATES: this guide outlines the “lead to client” workflow that Chancey Charm uses. It also includes customizable email templates for the first few interactions with a lead.

A SALES PROCESS THAT WORKS: this online guide will outline Chancey Charm’s proven sales process and tell you everything you need to know to turn those inquiries into clients.

– TOP 3 TECHNIQUES TO BOOK YOUR NEXT CLIENT: The secret to success in sales isn’t actually a secret at all – and I’m laying it all out in this guide, including te tip we use to book clients consistently at Chancey Charm.

– HOW TO GET YOUR CLIENT’S WEDDING READY FOR PUBLICATION: if you’ve been coveting one of those “as seen on” badges from an online wedding blog, then you need this guide created by Sarah Chancey and publicist Kristen Green. These incredible ladies will give you the inside scoop on getting published.  

– TEAM GROWTH AND LOCATION EXPANSION GUIDE: If you’ve been wanting to grow your team, you need this guide. It includes 15 of Sarah’s favorite techniques for growing your team, and the 4 keys to successful location expansion.

BOOK YOUR TEAM WITH CONFIDENCE: after building a team in over 13 cities nationwide, Sarah shares with you the strategy she employed in order to embrace the growth, and build a national brand from the ground up.

– 2019 GOAL GUIDE this simple guide will help you create measurable, attainable business goals so that you know when to pop the bubbly and celebrate your success!

How To Market Your Wedding Planner Business | The Wedding Planner Business Bundle

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Everything you need in one place to launch a wedding planning  business that pays without the stress!



Chancey Charm continues to book over 400k in sales for wedding planning and design year over year in multiple markets. We’ve been published over 200 times, served over 650 happy couples, and have an ever growing staff of amazing planners that Sarah Chancey personally mentors. These are numbers that speak for themselves. Need social proof? Find us here.

I created the Chancey Charm Wedding Planner Academy as a place to share what I’ve learned during my time in the wedding industry, with brides, planners, and creative business owners.  These are the resources I wish I had at my fingertips as I started planning my own wedding and later started planning for others while building a business that allows me the opportunity to do what I love and raise a family.  Each category of resources is tailored to the audience it serves, and my hope is that what I’m sharing will make your journey a bit easier and more enjoyable!

Yes, our team is comprised of professionals who have made wedding planning their full-time focus. We consider ourselves creatives, but we function as a professional business responding to emails in a timely manner during business hours.

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