New Year New You! | How Amazon Fresh Saved My Sanity – Stories of a “Momprenuer”

“While living in Denver as a newlywed, I often listened to friends talk about organic products or natural practices + products.  I usually let it go in one ear and out the other.  I was too poor, too busy and too young to care, I told myself.  In a lot of ways, I felt invincible, clouded by my own youth and ignorance.  

Fast forward 9 years and here I am writing a post about my move toward natural, organic products in my own life.  My dad’s sudden diagnosis and now death from leukemia led me on a new path of awareness.  I learned firsthand that if you’re at risk for chemically induced cancer (which is what my dad was + had) you’ll pay now or pay later, literally and physically.  Gosh, that was hard to put to paper.  I usually shy away from conflict and confrontation, but I’m standing on a new soapbox over here, one that’s filled with loss, grief and a journey toward hope and joy.  That’s why I’m writing this post because what you put on and in your body DOES MATTER.

I’ve made a pretty big shift in mindset and habits toward a healthier lifestyle and choices in the last few years, but as a mom + business owner, I needed it to be easy.  That’s why I’ve chosen three simple systems and brands for ordering natural products that are healthier for myself and my young family.

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Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods last year has been a major win over here.  I’m an avid user of Amazon Fresh (for almost a year now), which makes ordering organic products and food at great prices, on repeat simple.

And what’s even better for all of your busy “momaprenuers” out there…

The groceries are delivered straight to my door at a time I designate! In full disclosure, we’re not great about eating organic when we are out with friends or traveling.  BUT, when we are eating at home, we’ve made organic products and produce our staples.  We’ve also cut back on processed foods, eating more fruits, veggies and baked meats.

A lot of people ask me about the cost of using Amazon Fresh and here’s what it looks like…


  • $15 Amazon Fresh Subscription >> which allows you to order for free, when you purchase over $50
  • $5-10 tip for each delivery (I get a deliverly once a week)

Total: $35-55 in service fees.

I was paying more than this for a grocery pick up service, where I rarely got my full order, so this has been a win over here. I can’t even tell you how much time and money it has saved me to boot.  And, I can always count on receiving exactly what I ordered + the freshest produce.

I’m sure you’re wondering, how can it save you money?

I’m an impulse shopper, so a grocery store is not a win for me. Ha!  I always overspend, and often on food that isn’t healthy for us.  When I order online, I plan out my meals (with the help of Pinterest) carefully and stick to exactly what we need more often. Winning!

My obsession right now is all the liquids (as you can see from the photo below) + drizzling the Whole Foods frozen root vegetable medley in honey before baking it in the oven.  Heaven y’all!

Give Amazon Fresh A Try and Get $25 Off Your First Order By Clicking Here

Amazon Fresh Review, Mom Using Amazon Fresh, Cost Of Using Amazon Fresh, Momprenuer Using Amazon Fresh

My second go to is…


Making the switch to all Beautycounter makeup was surprisingly easy.  I started using their body wash in pursuit of a more natural product that I wasn’t allergic to. (Side Note: not all “natural” products are created equal. I actually went through two rounds of steroids after trying an olive oil soap out. Yep.)

I started with Beautycounter’s body wash, then their facial wash, shampoo, lipstick, foundation and well – you get the gist.  I am OBSESSED with their products, my favorite being the Sheer Lipstick in Twig.  I can’t get over how fresh these products make me feel and ordering is as easy as visiting my friend’s shop here.  It’s comforting to know that I can trust the products they offer to be as natural as possible.  I also love their mission to educate consumers and advocate for changes in the beauty industry as a whole.  Check Out BeautyCounter By Clicking Here.

natural beauty products, Amazon Fresh, BeautyCounter, Sarah's Style March 2018, Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy Living, Organic, Skincare, Healthy Eating

My last recommendation…


I actually stumbled upon this fabulous brand while browsing the internet and after reading a few reviews, I decided to give it a try.  WOW.  I have been totally blown away by the young, fresh skin my new skin routine with Youth To The People has revealed.  I’m feeling like my skin is the healthiest it’s been in years!  And the eye cream has worked better than any I’ve tried. (I’ve had bags under my eyes for days after having my first son!)

Youth to the People’s products contain the best superfoods and are Vegan + paraben, phthalates and dimethicone free.  They are also made in the USA, cali to be exact!

Here are my go-to products from YTTP:

Organic Products, Amazon Fresh, BeautyCounter, Sarah's Style March 2018, Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy Living, Organic, Skincare, Healthy Eating

It’s absolutely my prayer that this post helps you consider ways that you too (no matter how busy you are) can move toward healthier choices and organic products with the click of a button.



If my husband had a $1 for every time I talked about my hair in the last 2 years, he’d be a millionaire!  Now don’t get me wrong, I spent 30 out of 34 years of my life caring ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about my hair.  But then a baby and real-life stress, loss and grief changed things for me.  Drastically.

So, I started using extensions to literally “fill the gaps” and keep my self-confidence up, in what was already a rough season.  My saint of a husband didn’t bat an eye to the costs, knowing how much I needed it in that season.  I’m forever thankful for his support and the support of my stylist for taking such great care of me.

But, I’m happy to report that growth has returned and with it the old me is starting to show again.  I’ve transitioned out of tape in extensions into a hair band, and now I’m just rocking ME!  As I head into the summer months it feels SO good!  And, I’m super excited to share that I’ve started a new hair routine with MONAT.  In fact, the hubs has joined me!  Because we are in fact aging and our hair needs are changing (aka there’s not as much of it 😉 )!  I’m super thankful for my new hair partner and encourage you to take their hair test here. What’s even better is that their products are also natural, so I feel confident using them!

Always feel free to reach out for questions or order via my email After my new hair journey, I am super sold on the benefits (emotionally and physically) of taking care of your hair (whatever that looks like in this season for you).  And, I am committed to helping other women on this journey as well.



Disclaimer: Occasionally I do share an affiliate link in my content. This means that if you click a link and purchase a product, I receive a little bit in return. This allows me to keep creating quality, free content. But, please know that I only share things I absolutely believe in! 





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