Chancey Charm’s Top Tips for Your Wedding Reception

Every step of the wedding planning process from your save the dates to your thank you cards is an opportunity to personalize your wedding and connect with your guests. Your wedding reception is no different! From making your guests feel right at home with a cozy and inviting lounge seating area to ensuring your love story shines through personal decor touches, we’re sharing Chancey Charm’s top tips + bonus questions for a sophisticated wedding reception. Cheers!

-The Chancey Charm Team

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  1. It is always important to write out the names of your wedding party and any family you would like announced at the wedding reception in the order you would like them announced. Be sure to go over them with the DJ prior to the wedding reception so that he/she knows how to properly pronounce their names.
  2. Even if you opt out of the traditional seating chart, it is important to have the caterer place reserved signs on a few tables for the wedding party and immediate family. Otherwise, they will end up dispersed throughout the wedding reception after photos are complete. Asking your caterer to arrange a dinner for two in a private location before you are announced is also a great way to ensure you are able to eat before all the congratulations begin!
  3. If you are looking for a few ways to make your wedding reception stand out, incorporating lounge furniture by the dance floor, bar, or at cocktail hour provides guests with a fun photo op and can incorporate your wedding colors. Offering a signature “his and hers” cocktail at the bar is a great way to remain connected to your guests. Finally, a midnight snack will keep guests entertained and is a great way to include a treat you two love, such as delicious pastries from a local bakery.
  4. One last bit of advice is to keep the wedding reception schedule moving ahead, so as to avoid too much down time. Limiting your wedding reception to a maximum of four hours will allow ample time for a fantastic celebration and will ensure the majority of your guests remain engaged until your grand exit. For a late night crowd, simply invite them to join you at a local bar for the “after party”.


Bonus Tips | Questions Pertaining to the Wedding Reception

The following questions will help you determine your preferences for your wedding reception, so even the smallest wedding planning details are considered well in advance.

  • What kind of an entrance would you like to have? Where would you like to enter?
  • Do you have escort cards or a seating chart? Where would you like them set up?
  • If not, where would you like parents, grandparents, and wedding party members to sit?
  • What songs would you like to use for the announcement of your wedding party, parents, grandparents, and the bride and groom?
  • What décor would you like and where would you like it placed?
  • Where would you like the guest book?
  • Who will be responsible for taking home your personal items, such as gifts, after the wedding reception?
  • What would you like to do with leftover flowers and food?


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We're sharing Chancey Charm's top wedding planning tips and questions to ask yourself while planning a sophisticated wedding reception.

How to Keep Your Wedding Planning Going During Coronavirus Social Distancing

The Chancey Charm team is sharing some fun ways to continue wedding planning virtually during the coronavirus outbreak. #weddingplanningtips #planningawedding #virtualweddingplanning

Just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you have to go it alone! We are exploring other ways to continue planning various aspects of your wedding as we practice social distancing during the coronavirus outbreak. The Chancey Charm team is sharing some fun ideas below! Happy Planning Friends!

The Chancey Charm team is sharing some fun ways to continue wedding planning virtually during the coronavirus outbreak. #weddingplanningtips #planningawedding #virtualweddingplanning
  1. Go On Venue Tours… Virtually

Even before COVID-19, many venues have started to put virtual tours on their websites. This is a great way for you to still get “out” there are and narrow down your list to a few top choices. If you don’t see an option on the website, check out their Instagram stories. Their team may have made a highlight where you can  “walk through” the venue and see the space outside of the gorgeous professional images. 


  1. Compile Design Inspiration in AISLE PLANNER Design Studio

 If you’ve been pinning weddings all the way back into your high school and college days it might be time to consolidate and refine. Our online planning program, Aisle Planner, features a design studio perfect for creating curated style guides that you can share with your bridesmaids, mom, and, especially, your wedding day team. We recommend saving only your most favorite images here so you can start looking for common threads to help clarify your wedding style. 

  1. Work with a BRIDESIDE Stylist to Outfit Your Bridesmaids

We love our fashion friends at Brideside and how easy they make selecting picking the perfect dress(es) that your bridesmaids are going love! In a 15, 30, or 60 minute consult (you choose based on your WFH availability), they’ll answer all those burning questions about color palette, delivery timelines, fit & sizing notes – the works! The expert stylist will help you pick from their master list of designers, styles, colors, sizes and price ranges to compliment your wedding design & vision.

The Chancey Charm team is sharing some fun ways to continue wedding planning virtually during the coronavirus outbreak. #weddingplanningtips #planningawedding #virtualweddingplanning
  1. Connect with a Baker for an At-Home Cake Tasting

 With everyone trying to flatten the curve, tastings of all sorts are put on hold. Some bakers are trying to mitigate the lack of events and tastings by baking sampler boxes or mini-cakes that can be delivered safely to your home. Check out your favorite bakers Instagrams to see what they’re offering and to keep an eye out for any seasonal “Instagram sales” that may pop-up. Who wouldn’t want to taste all the sweet treats with a glass of bubbly on the couch in your sweats?  

  1. Create Your Wedding Website

 Spend some of your downtime pulling together all the info you’ll need for your wedding website. We love options like Minted for getting beautiful templates to match your overall wedding vibe. Grab a glass of wine, sit down with your fiancé (virtually if needed), and get started! To make a great wedding website, you’ll want to share your love story, introduce your wedding party, and compile all the need to know travel info for your guests. 

 Bonus: Be sure to share your online registry within your wedding website. Our absolute favorite is Zola.

  1. Make a Blueprint for Your Wedding

Clear communication with your entire wedding team is critical to ensuring that every element is cohesive on the day-of. Which is why we’d love to come along side you – where you are – and create a blueprint of your wedding vision and plans. Our team of virtual planners & designers allow you to enjoy the wedding design process as we refine your vision and create an unforgettable experience for both you and your guests. You’ll walk away with a detailed plan from save-the-dates to exit plan that you can easily share with every member of your wedding day team

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The Chancey Charm team is sharing some fun ways to continue wedding planning virtually during the coronavirus outbreak. #weddingplanningtips #planningawedding #virtualweddingplanning

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A Message to All 2020 Brides

Our Charlottesville Lead Planner and Designer has some action steps and thoughts for couples trying to navigate this difficult season.

Are you a 2020 bride feeling like you’re missing something as the weeks of Coronavirus quarantine roll forward?  Our Charlottesville Lead Planner and Designer has some action steps and thoughts for couples in this very situation today in our latest post.


One thing I did to streamline the postponement process with our March, April, May clients was create a doodle poll with all the available venue dates. I then sent that to all vendors to see which dates had the most overlap, allowing us to keep our vendor team in place. 

But, this idea doesn’t apply to just brides that are making the decision to postpone their wedding, this applies to all brides getting married within the year.  If there is a vendor you have been putting off booking, I recommend doing that now! Vendors are offering up their available dates, which means less available dates for the fall and even 2021.

Give your vendors grace:

We are all in uncharted territory and there is no right or wrong answer, everyone is doing the best they can!  If you think a vendor is being unreasonable with their policy or availability, don’t be afraid to ask to further discuss because they are going through these motions just as you are and may not realize certain aspects! But also understand that this is their livelihood and have to do what is best for their business and their families. 

Be Responsive:

Once a vendor sends you an amended contract, please be on top of it and sign immediately.  Chances are that they have multiple amendments going out at the same time and no date is secure until a contract is signed! It will help keep you organized and your vendors organized. 

Pro Tip* 
Add a column to your spreadsheet that says Contract Amendment Status and update it based on received but need to sign, returned but need countersigned copy (don’t forget to get this!), and CONFIRMED!

Hoping these tips really help set you up for success as we continue to navigate 2020 weddings together.

Rooting For You,
Alana Futcher and the Chancey Charm Team



Our Charlottesville Lead Planner and Designer has some action steps and thoughts for couples trying to navigate this season.