August 31, 2023

Wedding Decorations On A Budget

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Often our couples want to prioritize guest experience, through entertainment and food over aesthetics.  So, we polled our 25+ planning partners at Chancey Charm to find out what kind of wedding decorations they recommend to their couples who have a strict decor budget.  What they recommended may surprise you…

– The Chancey Charm Team


Johnnie & Co. Events

 Candles! Instead of floral centerpieces (or you can do half candles, half florals) incorporate a mix of gorgeous hurricane glasses in different lengths with taper candles inside of them, or floating candles inside monet glasses and cylinder vases. We exclusively use Yummi Candles because they don’t drip, last forever, stay lit even when touched with water (cheap ones from amazon notoriously won’t stay lit if placed in water), and come in dozens of vibrant colors. My company owns our own inventory of candle votives because I’ve seen too many florists bring gunky, old/cracked floral vases, stands, and votives. I’d recommend that you buy your own or rent from a company that ensures the quality of their rentals in the contract. Make sure that your florist or coordinator wears white cloth gloves when placing them on tables so that they’re flawless for guests and your photographs. And please, never let your florist or designer use pre-used candles at your wedding – they often come looking gunky and old.


Skylar Caitlin

When it comes down to it, everyone has a comfort level for what they want to spend on their wedding decorations. Whenever I meet a couple hoping to maximize their investment, I’m quick to encourage them to think about multi-purpose design moments. Could we reuse their ceremony florals around their sweetheart table? Could the backdrop for the cake be reused as a photo booth? Could we have one custom logo created and then utilize it on cost effective semi-custom stationery? If we can utilize design elements in a multitude of ways, it makes stretching your wedding budget a real possibility! 


Kathryne Carter 

When considering your wedding decor, ask yourself these questions: What will I do with them afterwards? How important is it to us? Will they add or distract from the guest experience? Is it within our spending range? These questions can help guide you when considering what to include in your wedding decor. Here are some ideas of what you could do for your wedding decor that could have a positive impact on your total investment: renting floral arrangements, donating all real flower arrangements at the end of the night, incorporating culture elements into your design, and considering repurposing items from the ceremony at the reception. I recommend speaking with your planner and venue to assist you with considering other ideas to maximize your wedding decor within your wedding budget.


Jenkins & Co. Weddings

Often times when couples have a “strict” wedding decor budget they think that by DIY ing the decor or scrapping it together from a variety of random places they are “saving”. However, as a wedding planner with almost a decade of experience in the industry and having planned events of all types of budgets I tend to look at it differently. The reality is that every wedding has a budget, whether it is large or small and the first part of wedding decorations on a “budget” is to discuss with your planner what a realistic budget is for your vision and your guest count and then allowing your planner and designer to allocate those funds accordingly. For example, if a client tells me that they have a budget of $5,000 overall for their entire wedding decor from the start of the design process I can go into the design thinking strategically about how we can use those funds to maximize their decor and decide on things like how we can get ceremony decor that can also be repurposed for the reception, how we can create certain “wow” factors in the design that will make a statement and be gorgeous and then be more minimal on other areas of decor such as the centerpieces having lots of candles and smaller floral arrangements etc. Trusting a planner/designer with the budget and the vision can truly go a lot further than just throwing a number out there and hoping for the best by DIY methods so always go the professional route first for expert guidance on how to make your wedding decor stand out and meet your budget needs.

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