Vendor Spotlight | Jenkins Rose Modern Paper

I would like to introduce a vendor that Chancey Charm has had the pleasure of working with on several of our weddings!  Jenkins Rose is a wonderful paper studio that can provide all things paper for your wedding.  Dondrea, the owner of Jenkins Rose works with each of her clients to create a one of a kind invitation suite for their wedding.  The invitation suite will include everything you and your guest need to be prepared, whether is it a RSVP card or directions to the venue she can make sure everything matches perfectly.  She offers a variety of paper options.  As well as both digital and letterpress printing for invitations and notecards.

While working with Dondrea I have gotten to see her love for her job.  In my opinion, a wedding invitation is a glimpse into the big day.  It sets the tone for the rest of the event.  Dondrea does a great job capturing the bride and groom’s style and putting it down on paper!

Another great thing about Dondrea is she does not stop with invitation design, she will be with you until the end!  She offers calligraphy and hand lettering for addressing your envelopes.  She can create a custom rubber stamp to help you personalize wedding favors and welcome bag treats.  She also provides a thank you note service.  So if you are a bride that is stressing out just by the thought of how many thank you notes you are going to have to write, Don’t Be!  Dondrea can work with you to make sure all of your guest receive a handwritten note to thank them for all of the beautiful gifts you received!

Happy Planning!




Invitation Suite by Jenkins Rose

Invitation Suite by Jenkins Rose


Invitation Suite by Jenkins Rose

Invitation Suite by Jenkins Rose


Custom Invitation suite by Jenkins Rose

Custom Invitation suite by Jenkins Rose


(All photos provided by Jenkins Rose)

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Top 5 Love Quotes to Swoon Over

A great quote is hard to find. Below is a compiled “Top 5” list of quotes and lyrics that I think would be a wonderful addition to your wedding details. Displaying love quotes throughout the many aspects of your wedding is a great way to add a personal touch and make your guests swoon with adoration.

5. “You are my constant.” (Desmond Hume, LOST)

I love this quote because it is simple and meaningful, and can be used in so many different areas of a wedding. It would be a great addition to reception décor as a visual display.

This line holds much meaning to those who are familiar with the television show, LOST. (Stemming from the episode where Desmond Hume travels back and forth through time, and needs a “constant” to latch on through different time periods, which leads him to realize that his life-long love, Penny is unquestionably his constant.)

 4. “I don’t have a choice, but I still choose you.” (Poison & Wine” by The Civil Wars)

Such an eloquent song lyric from the band The Civil Wars is perfect for display, quoted on invitations or programs.

3.“Love is never stationary. In the end, love doesn’t just keep thinking about it or keep planning for it. Simply put: love does.” (Bob Goff, Love Does)

From his book Love Does, Bob Goff pinpoints the truth behind love in action rather than in words. Guests would delight in this quote as a display on reception table centers or on programs, somewhere that they can soak up the meaning of it with ease.

2. “Tonight I’ll probably be looking at the moon which means I’ll be looking at you – literally and figuratively because it lays far to the south of this mountain top and that’s where you are. That takes care of the “literal” part – the “figurative” part requires no direction, I just see you in all the beauty there is because in you I’ve found all the beauty in my life.” (Ronald Reagan, I Love You, Ronnie)

The book I Love You, Ronnie is filled with precious handwritten letters from Ronald Reagan to his wife, Nancy. This quote was taken from a letter he wrote in 1954 from across the country, capturing the essence of his love for her no matter the time or place. This quote is perfect for a display at an evening wedding.

1. “Appreciative love gazes and holds its breath and is silent, rejoices that such a wonder should exist even if not for him, will not be wholly dejected by losing her, would rather have it so than never to have seen her at all.” (C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves)

C.S. Lewis gives a great depiction of genuine love in his book, The Four Loves. This quote makes the top of my list because it is so accurate and descriptive of the love that takes place within marriage. Guests would be pleased to read this on invitations, programs or on display.

By using quotes like these, you will certainly capture the attention of guests and allow them to remember the true meaning of why they are there – to celebrate love on your marriage day.




(Photo provided by Ashlee Raubach Photography)

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A Veil Guide with Fabulous Frocks & Kelly’s Closet

Every gal knows that one of big staples of wedding attire is the veil. This tradition has held true throughout the years, as well as in a variety of cultures. But lately, I’ve noticed that this tradition doesn’t always have to take such a traditional course. Personally, I’m a fan of anything embellished with lace, but I’ve been admiring some more retro styles that give a bride’s look some spunk. With my indecisiveness, Mama always told me to get a second opinion, so this month I’ve teamed up with Fabulous Frocks and Kelly’s Closet to discuss trends and alternatives for this wedding custom. These insightful ladies offer up some intriguing and helpful advice on how to pick and style a veil that’s just right for your special day!



Q: What effect does completing the look with a veil have?

Fabulous Frocks: I believe a veil is one of them most important accessories a bride can wear.  They just have a magical effect to them. When brides are in our shop they look so beautiful in the gowns, but it isn’t until we add the veil that our brides have their “this is it!” moment!

Kelly’s Closet: A veil is a great final touch to give you that bridal look. For those gowns that may not scream “here comes the bride”, the veil leaves you with no doubt.

Q: Do you think certain veil styles compliment specific gowns? For example, what would be the best match for a long cathedral veil versus a birdcage veil?

FF: Absolutely! When the gown has a lot of embellishment we often opt for a simpler veil so that the two don’t compete. We might pair a simple cathedral veil with a more elaborate gown because it creates a shear window to highlight the back of the gown, rather than interrupting it in the middle. A birdcage veil creates more of a statement, so it typically works well with something a little more understated.

KC: Yes, certain veils work better for certain gowns. The bird cage veil is best on gowns with a vintage flare. Something with a 30′s – 40′s and 50′s influence. It also takes a certain personality to pull off a birdcage veil. While a simple raw edge long veil goes with just about any gown. This gives the bride a halo effect. If you did a lace edged veil, you would not want the lace to compete or clash with the lace on the gown.

Q: How would you recommend styling a veil to accompany a very elaborate hair-do?  

FF: We might select a veil that is less gathered up top, so that the hair-do is more visible through the netting. The stylist can also place the veil lower or higher on the head depending on what works best with the hairstyle.

KC: The veil is the topper. It usually comes off after the ceremony so the bride needs to be happy with her hair with or without the veil.

Q: Do you think that wearing a veil is absolutely mandatory? Or can this wedding tradition be skipped?

FF: I’ll admit that I adore veils, and think there is a veil out there for almost everyone! However, we do have brides who feel more comfortable with a flower or comb instead of a veil. It totally depends on the personality of the bride.

KC: It can certainly be skipped. Nothing is mandatory anymore. We suggest that a bride at least try one on before making the decision to not wear the veil. Many times brides end up liking the effect of the veil. Also it is a mom-pleaser.

Q: Do you have any suggestions for brides that want to be a little less traditional? (e.g. floral crowns, jewel head pieces, etc.) 

FF: The great thing about the bridal industry right now is that anything goes! With resources like Pinterest and all the bridal blogs available, brides are exposed to endless possibilities. Some brides are drawn to fresh flowers, while others will pin in a family brooch or delicate feathers.

KC: The veil is not mandatory so if it is not your thing, don’t do it. You should have something in your hair as a finishing touch. It could be a sparkly head band or comb, a wreath of flowers or single flower.

Q: What are some upcoming trends you’re noticing with veils? (e.g. colored veils, jewel encrusted veils, etc.)

FF: Our brides are still loving veils trimmed with lace but we are seeing more brides walk down the aisle with the blusher covering their face.  We love the powerful moment the blusher provides as the father of the bride lifts it up, kisses his daughter, and hands her off to the groom.  It is sure to bring tears to the on looking guests!

KC: Blushers are making a comeback. Also the Juliette veil is great for the vintage or boho bride. Jewel encrusted headbands under the veil are popular also.

Photo provided by Sean and Amanda Photography

Photo provided by Carla Gates Photography

Photo provided by Harwell Photography

(Photos provided by Carla Gates Photography, Harwell Photography, and Sean & Amanda Photography)

at Vinewood Plantation (one of our favorite Atlanta venues!)

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