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Sales Process For Wedding Planners Bundle


monthly installments via affirm available at checkout for purchases over $70

Are you struggling to book potential client leads you’ve worked so hard to snag?

I know you want to turn those inquiries into clients! The problem is you feel like sales is not your forte. And the thought of getting on a sales call with a potential client is making you feel a little uneasy–to say the least!

The sales process doesn’t have to be scary! I know that sales can be intimidating if you’re new at it. You just have to keep in mind that you are offering a solution to your client’s problem in the form of a product or service that you love providing. That’s not scary, now is it!

One of the things that has made me, and other members of the Chancey Charm team feel more confident about selling is to have a proven sales process we can rely on. That is why I created the Sales Process for Wedding Planners Bundle.

In this bundle, you’ll receive 2 easy to follow sales guides, that will change the way you’re booking!

monthly installments via affirm available at checkout for purchases over $70


- Carol Lathrop ( Event Planner, IMESevents)
- Carol Lathrop ( Event Planner, IMESevents)
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No matter how good your are, establishing a successful event planning business is hard to do when you don't have a plan to follow. Thanks to the Chancey Charm Resource Center, I now have a solid plan.
- Camille Ervin, Founder + Lead Planner at 𝐃yan 𝐄vents
- Camille Ervin, Founder + Lead Planner at 𝐃yan 𝐄vents
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Sarah is amazing! I seriously have no words for how she guided me on the launch of my new planning business. So happy to have her as a mentor!
- Cammie Mitchell Scirica (Wedding Planner, Cambria Events)
- Cammie Mitchell Scirica (Wedding Planner, Cambria Events)
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Chancy Charm has been a welcome place for straightforward and helpful advice. They have built a community with a really nice feeling of support that, in the events industry, is not always present.
- Sarah-Daye ( Destination Wedding Planner, Night and Dayeevents )
- Sarah-Daye ( Destination Wedding Planner, Night and Dayeevents )
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I love the community Sarah has created with Chancey Charm! Her knowledge is what I have been looking for and she is a great "virtual" mentor! I highly recommend her resources, and joining her Facebook community you won't regret it.


#1 – Professional Inquiry Process + Email Templates For Wedding Planners

Do you feel like you’re letting your client’s down and losing new business?

Having great processes in place to guide your day to day operations is key to excellent customer service, that drives referrals long term.  In this download, Sarah Chancey shares the lead to client process Chancey Charm uses, as well as, intro emails to get clients rolling with ease!


#2 – Top 3 Techniques To Book Your Next Client

This past fall, I was sitting with a highly acclaimed planner, when the thought crossed my mind to ask her how she does it? What was the secret to her success? 

I wasn’t surprised when her answer was simple and something I’d noticed over and over again in the industry.  It was that moment that inspired me to make and share this guide with our team and the planners following along here.

The secret to success in sales isn’t actually a secret at all – and I’m laying it all out in this new guide!



– PRO TIP we use to book clients consistently at Chancey Charm



#2 – A Sales Process That Works:

This sales guide set is easy to use and will outline the entire sales process we use to turn our leads into clients. But, this is more than a consultation guide. This is a proven sales system to help you and your team book your next lead. And after closing over 500 clients nationwide, we’re proof it works!

In order to create a sales process you can be confident about, all you need to do is:

1.  Download the PDF guide
2. Implement our proven sales process by following the steps and asking the questions outlined in each stage of the sales conversation.
3. Turn your inquiries into clients!

So if you’re sick of letting those leads slip through your fingers, it’s time to implement a sales system that works. With A Sales Process for Creatives, you’ll start consistently booking clients, and build the creative business you’ve always dreamed of!


– SETTING GOALS FOR SUCCESS so that you know when to celebrate! You can’t hit your sales goals if you don’t set them!

– SETTING UP ACCOUNTABILITY QUESTIONS FOR YOUR BUSINESS so that you can stay on track with your sales goals. It’s important to know where you are at in the sales process so that you know where to focus your efforts in order to impact your bottom line.

– HOW TO RESPOND TO A NEW INQUIRY so that you know how to make a stellar first impression that wows your potential clients from the start.

– HOW TO WIN OVER A CLIENT DURING THE CONSULTATION so that you’re the only person they want to speak with (and book!).

– HOW TO ESTABLISH BOUNDARIES WITH YOUR CLIENTS so that you can ensure your client trusts and understands your process. Having boundaries allows you to exceed expectations from the start.

– STEP BY STEP CONSULTATION GUIDE so that you know exactly what to say (and when) in order to close the sale. This is the step-by-step process you’ve been looking for!

– PRICING FOR SUCCESS so that you understand how to price yourself from the beginning–no matter your market.

– ACTION STEPS FOR WINNING THAT NEXT CLIENT–so that you feel confident you can convert an uncertain inquiry into a happy client.

Sales Process For Wedding Planners Bundle

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Everything you need in one place to launch a wedding planning  business that pays without the stress!



Chancey Charm continues to book over 400k in sales for wedding planning and design year over year in multiple markets. We’ve been published over 200 times, served over 650 happy couples, and have an ever growing staff of amazing planners that Sarah Chancey personally mentors. These are numbers that speak for themselves. Need social proof? Find us here.

I created the Chancey Charm Wedding Planner Academy as a place to share what I’ve learned during my time in the wedding industry, with brides, planners, and creative business owners.  These are the resources I wish I had at my fingertips as I started planning my own wedding and later started planning for others while building a business that allows me the opportunity to do what I love and raise a family.  Each category of resources is tailored to the audience it serves, and my hope is that what I’m sharing will make your journey a bit easier and more enjoyable!

Yes, our team is comprised of professionals who have made wedding planning their full-time focus. We consider ourselves creatives, but we function as a professional business responding to emails in a timely manner during business hours.

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