August 9, 2021

Elopement Planning Tips + 5 Reasons to Love a Post-Elopement Party

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If an intimate elopement is more your style, but you don’t want to miss out on celebrating with all your loved ones, this is for you friend! Chancey Charm’s wedding planners previously shared insight with SheFinds.com on mistakes couples make when planning their elopement + how to avoid them. Some topics covered include how a wedding planner can help with your elopement, creating a vision for your intimate celebration, tips for hiring your photographer, and (our favorite) hosting a post-elopement party. Below, we’re sharing some of our favorite elopement tips + reasons to love the idea of a post-elopement party. Enjoy!



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  • To avoid any hurt feelings that might come from not being invited to your intimate ceremony, be upfront about your plans for a post-elopement party. Our Chancey Charm Boston Wedding Planner, had a friend elope and she posted pictures on social media before the entire family knew that they were married. It hurt some family members that they found out online! Consider an elopement announcement + reception invitation in one to let your friends and family know that while an intimate marriage is more your style, you’re still so excited to celebrate with them after you and your new hubby return.
  • It’s normal to get emotional. Even though there might not be a huge crowd of people watching you and your man walk down the aisle, your wedding will still be one of the most special and significant days of your life. We recommend packing some tissues just in case those tears of joy start flowing!
  • Plan your transportation. We also suggest figuring out how you’re getting where you need to go early on. Especially if you’re traveling out of the country, make sure you confirm what transportation you will use to get and from the site of your ceremony.
  • Don’t neglect legalities! Getting married in the states? One big thing you need to consider is state laws on marriage certificates. Some have a waiting period! Jyl advises brides to research early on so the timing of your marriage isn’t impacted. Eloping internationally? Be sure to check the legalities of your elopement location! And remember, to legally be married in the U.S., you will still need an officiant and a witness and most countries have different requirements so make sure you are informed! Our


  1. A post-elopement celebration will give those close to you an opportunity to celebrate and still feel part of this big step in your relationship.
  2. You’re able to have the privacy you desire for the actual wedding ceremony, but then are also able to celebrate with loved ones later on.
  3. Any wedding jitters will be gone, so you can just enjoy the party!
  4. It prolongs the wedding experience! What bride wouldn’t love a month-long wedding journey? Elope, enjoy your honeymoon and then host a reception a few weeks afterward to cap off the experience!
  5. You can tie your elopement photos into the design of your reception. One of the suggestions featured in SheFinds.com was hiring a photographer to capture your elopement. Displaying your photos as part of the design will be a fun way to showcase your intimate ceremony with your guests, and undoubtedly will be a conversation piece guests won’t be able to stop talking about!



Elopement planning tips, plus why we love a post elopement celebration

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