February 7, 2022

How To Avoid boring speeches, awkward vows, and poor ceremonies

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It seemed every detail was taken care of:  You and your fiancé looked amazing. The décor was stunning, the venue was gorgeous, and the weather was perfect.  The ceremony went off without a hitch, even as nervous as you were. 

In fact, everything was going exactly to plan… until it was time for the toasts. 

From there it was one flat, awkward, boring speech after another – capped off by the “Best” Man, who thought this was time for his x-rated comedy set… about YOU.

Unfortunately, anyone that’s been to more than a couple of weddings has probably seen their share of bad speeches, ceremonies, and on occasion, awkward vows.  It happens too often.

In fact, these moments are most commonly left up to chance. 

With his new company, Vows & Speeches, Brian Franklin is hoping to change that – by providing writing services to couples, wedding party speakers, and new or inexperienced officiants, nationwide. 

Franklin emphasizes that their work is highly personalized and produced with significant input from the speakers themselves. 

The end goal: lower anxiety about writing (and delivering) vows, and lower the odds that a ceremony officiant or wedding speech brings the event down.

“I ask every couple: ‘Is there someone in your wedding party that is either an uncomfortable public speaker, or likely to have too many drinks and potentially go too long, ramble, or worse, go off the rails and say something inappropriate?’” Franklin says.  “They almost always say yes.”

Vows & Speeches keeps speeches to the right length and gives speakers that fall into this category something to work off of, stick to, and feel great about. 

“It’s all about preserving the integrity of the wedding experience. The words people are saying should be as beautiful and moving as the visuals.”

When it comes to vows, Franklin believes there’s simply no reason for couples to have anxiety or to struggle. 

“Even if you are a great writer, it’s hard to summarize how you feel about the love of your life and do it in 1-2 minutes.  It can be too big of a topic to do well without help.”

For ceremonies, there’s an increasing trend of inviting friends or family members to officiate the wedding—despite a lack of experience. This can lead to mixed results.

“I truly believe having someone close to you officiating can make it even more special—but just because that person is funny and charismatic doesn’t mean they know how to put a moving, powerful ceremony together,” Franklin said. “Too many either simply pull scripts off the internet, which turn out generic and impersonal, or wind up including parts of the story they shouldn’t. We believe it’s key to artfully tell the story of the relationship in a way that builds towards an emotional crescendo – but in a way that preserves the tone of the wedding the couple wants,” Franklin said.

Key to all of these moments is respecting the fact that this is about the couple, not the individual speaker. 

“Everyone wants their wedding to be memorable. We help make sure it’s memorable for the right reasons.” he said.

Vows & Speeches can help if—

  • you plan on writing your own wedding vows
  • anyone giving a speech is uncomfortable with public speaking or not 100% trustworthy after they’ve had too much to drink 
  • your officiant is new and needs support to create a swoon-worthy ceremony script

For more information on Vows & Speeches, visit Vowsandspeeches.com or email Brian directly at brian@vowsandspeeches.com

Rooting for you, always

Sarah Chancey



We are sharing our top tips for avoiding boring speeches, awkward vows and poor ceremonies

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