Can’t Decide Between An Indoor Or Outdoor Wedding? Read This!

One of the biggest draws to some of our favorite wedding venues is that they offer both indoor and outdoor ceremony options. Beautiful ballrooms and reception halls paired with sprawling grounds or mountain views – what’s not to love? Aside from weather, which may or may not be an influential factor depending on the season and location of your wedding, other factors can make it tough to decide how (or if) you should use your venue’s outdoor space for your wedding ceremony. The Chancey Charm team is sharing things to consider below!

-The Chancey Charm Team

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  • Choosing between an indoor or outdoor wedding can be tricky. Consider the time of year you want to get married and the typical weather you experience the month you’re getting married in that city! You wouldn’t want to get married + dance all night in the July heat and humidity of Virginia! -Chancey Charm Washington, DC
  • Open air receptions are a favorite of mine, but couples often forget to see if setting up tables is even feasible! Check to see if that big open space is level enough for all of your rentals – no one likes a rocking table – or if there are any large dips that could be potentially hazardous. Especially if you’re planning on outdoor dancing, consider renting a dance floor so that no one twists + shouts their way to a sprained ankle due to uneven ground. -Chancey Charm Houston

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  • Consider decor! Outdoor weddings often don’t require as much decor because they have a very beautiful natural backdrop already. This is a huge plus for couples who are looking to keep their ceremony costs low. –Chancey Charm Denver
  • For those considering an outdoor wedding, always look at the rain back up plan, which could include significant costs in rentals such as flooring, tenting, heaters, etc. Also, look into lighting the area and power! Are bathrooms close by? Can elderly guests move around comfortably, or anyone within a wheelchair? Choosing an indoor venue is always a great option, as it gives you the comfort of knowing you have a back up for rain, power, probably restrooms, as well as heat or air conditioner. –Chancey Charm Boston
  • Keep wildlife in mind! Depending on the time of year, there might be mosquitos, bees or other bugs outside. Also, ask your venue manager about other wildlife that could be nearby and pose a risk to guests. For example, couples who have an outdoor mountain wedding in Colorado could have elk, bears or other animals wandering close by and guests are instructed to stay on the venue property. -Chancey Charm Denver

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Can't decide between an indoor or outdoor wedding? The Chancey Charm Team is sharing Wedding Planning Advice and Wedding Planning Tips to help you make the best choice between an indoor or outdoor wedding.


Looking for professional wedding planning advice? Check out the Chancey Charm Resource Shop for everything you need to kickstart the planning process.

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