March 13, 2023

Five Tips For Choosing the Perfect Destination Wedding Favor

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Saying thank you to your guests on your big day with a token is the perfect way to cap off your celebration of love. But from the wide selection of wedding favors, which one should you choose? How will they be delivered, and how should they be packed? Destination wedding favors are quite tricky, from choosing the item, color and theme, to the practicality of things. To help you out, we’ve listed the top five factors in choosing the perfect destination wedding favor for you, with the insight of our friends at Wedding Favy.

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  • The Destination

Is it a beach wedding, barn wedding, or a wedding by a cliff? Paying close attention to any distinct element that is a part of the destination, will help you find the perfect token for your wedding and guests. For one, a perfect beach wedding favor could be a basket filled with sunscreens, sunglasses (here is a resource we love) and a cute pair of flip flops. If you’re thinking of a mountain wedding, you could make a simple linen bag with a water bottle, a fan, and a mosquito repellant. Thinking about the items you generally need when visiting that destination will make selecting favors easy.

  • The Season

For colors, choosing something in the colors of the season is also another easy technique. In the winter, we generally see blue, silver, and white. Spring colors include rose quartz, coffee, lilac grey, peach, and pastels. For fall, you could go for various shades of red, yellow, orange, magenta, and copper. Lastly, summer includes a wide range of colors to choose from, think bright and vibrant shades that exude fun and energy.

  • Practical Details

Make sure that you choose a favor that is easy for your guests to carry back home and pack. Small, lightweight, and necessary favors that your guests could use in their everyday lives are always a win!

  • Legalities

Make sure that you know the rules and regulations of the venue. Certain liquids or plants may not be allowed to be transported in other foreign countries. The safest way is to go is to source local suppliers within the area or go bring simple items, that you have cleared as being transportation friendly.

  • Tell Your Story

The wedding favor you choose should help tell your story as a couple to your guests. Ask yourself questions about how you met, where you met, your favorite treat or date night spot.  The answer may lead to an easy favor that gives guests a look into your relationship and makes your event even more memorable.

We hope that these simple tips have given you clarity and direction in the wedding favor selection process.


Sarah Chancey

Founder, Wedding Planner Mentor

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