October 31, 2022


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As couples are customizing their weddings to be a true reflection of their shared style and personality, more weddings are being held at all hours of the day (or even week days). Your wedding day should be a celebration of who you are as a couple, so if a traditional evening wedding isn’t your style, a daytime wedding and reception might be a great alternative. A daytime wedding might also allow you to get married at that venue you love that is already booked or your date. The Chancey Charm Denver Wedding Planning Team were featured in SheFinds.com’s roundup of 11 Mistakes Brides Make When Planning A Daytime Wedding. And today on the blog, the Chancey Charm team is weighing in to offer more tips and advice. Enjoy!


6 Tips For Planning A Daytime Wedding & Reception

  • Reconsider the dance party. Guests are less likely to get out and dance during the day versus an evening reception, so instead of a forced dance party that isn’t catching on, consider having your first dance followed by lawn games or another fun activity after the brunch or luncheon.
  • Don’t forget to set your alarm early. Say you’re planning a 1 p.m. wedding ceremony. Back that up by a couple hours to account for pictures, hair, makeup and transportation to the ceremony site. You could be starting your day at 6 a.m.! Remember that when planning your rehearsal dinner and bedtime the night before.
  • Feed guests the right amount of food. Jyl Deering, Chancey Charm Boston Wedding Planner, once attended a 3 p.m. wedding and the bride and groom served light fare – no lunch or dinner. Guests traveled a distance, and frankly, were really hungry. When planning a daytime wedding, consider incorporating a lunch or brunch meal into it. Or if you don’t want to do that, simply let guests know via your wedding website or invitation that your wedding ceremony will be followed by a light hors d’oeuvres reception so they can plan ahead to eat something more substantial to hold them over.
  • Consider the venue logistics. Your wedding venue most likely will have an evening wedding the day before yours. Remember that with your décor, set up and vendors. They might have to set up extremely early that morning, so that’s something you will have to talk through in advance so they can plan around other events they might be working that weekend. That being said, your wedding venue might also have another wedding the evening of yours. If that is the case, they will likely be ushering you out at your end time so they can turn the room for the next event.
  • Prepare for warm weather and bright sunlight. Summer and spring daytime weddings can be tricky, as the early afternoon is often the hottest and sunniest time of the day! Don’t make the mistake of not considering the comfort of your guests. Providing shade, a hydration station and air conditioning might be key depending on the weather. 
  • Consider guests’ travel plans. Another potential mistake is not taking into consideration travel plans for your guests. Sometimes your friends and family can’t get off work the day before and have to travel the day of your wedding. If you’re having a daytime wedding, be sure that all your guests are aware ahead of time so they can plan their schedules accordingly.
If you’re looking for more ideas, I’m compiled some of my favorite daytime wedding lawn games here
4 In a Row Game 
Croquet Set
Giant Yahtzee Dice




The Chancey Charm wedding planner team are sharing their thoughts on planning a daytime wedding reception.

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  • I like the idea to plan for activities other than dancing for your wedding reception. My fiance and I want to be sure that our friends and families have an enjoyable time at our reception. I definitely think that we should find a venue that would allow for a lot of fun outdoor activities.

  • I find your advice about serving a lunch or brunch meal when having a daytime wedding to be very helpful. In my opinion, one should take note of which caterer one should get for a wedding. They should not only be able to prepare the food quickly in order to serve it on time but be able to offer a food package that can fit within the budget as well.

  • I’m glad that you pointed out how tricky the weather can be for a daytime wedding. My sister has been planning her wedding in Arizona and she will have to accommodate the weather since she is having the ceremony outside. It’s always good to keep the guests and officiants happy!

  • Awesome post!!! Thanks for sharing this informative blog. Marriage is a big event and how to plan that marriage is a big hurdle for anyone. Your Tips for Planning a Daytime Wedding & Reception is great.

  • I am hoping to book a venue for my wedding in the spring as I just love all of the beautiful blossoms and green grass! Thank you for your advice to make sure there is a place with shade or airconditioning to keep the guests happy! The spring can be such a temperamental time so I hope we have good weather, but if not we will just have to move the reception indoors!

  • My sister loves the beach, so she’s planning to celebrate her wedding on the beach in front of our vacation home. As her maid of honor, I’m part of her wedding organizing team, that’s why I’ve to make sure that the place will be comfortable for the guests by assigning a hydration station. I’ll ask the wedding coordinator to check for the weather temperature on the day of my sister’s wedding, so we can plan the contingencies that we’ve to avoid unfortunate events.

  • Sounds like you’re on top of it Luke, so glad she has you!

  • I like your suggestion to have a first dance followed by other games and activities since guests are less likely to party during the day. My sister and her fiance both like the idea of having their ceremony and reception early in the day so they can get an early start on their honeymoon and fly out in the evening. Thanks for sharing these tips I can pass along to help them plan activities for the banquet hall during the reception!

  • My brother and his fiance are planning to hold an outdoor wedding for this coming November, which is why I told them that it would be best if they’ll rent portable toilets. Since they will be having a day time wedding, I’ll keep in mind to inform them that they must serve brunch meals. You’re also right about the importance of providing a hydration station for the guests.

  • Where is this venue though?? It’s gorgeous and exactly what I have imagined for a brunch reception.

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