March 23, 2022

Do You Have An Email List??? (Insert Eye Roll)

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Hi Friend!

I know, I know. You’ve seen several online marketing gurus with their recent post and sponsored content about growing your email list.  Easy for them to say, they’ve got a TON of online visibility + content at their fingertips.  You haven’t even started your email list, and you’re already OVER IT.

BUT FRIEND, Can I share some encouragement – from one small business owner to another?

You’re online visibility via the gram, google, whatever – DOES NOT have to be big to merit an email list.

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They are actually speaking truth, and as a fellow planner, I thought I’d share our success with email marketing as a heartfelt encouragement to YOU.

Our email list has been the most intimate, successful way to connect with our tribe (aka potential clients). It’s so much fun to share our wins, planning advice and follow up with potential clients via email.  Because, whether we admit it or not, we are all skimmin that inbox. Am I right?!  And email has the ability to connect with potential clients in an authentic, yet subtle way.

What’s been even better for our team, has been automating the email process, with a simple and short email sequence when a potential client inquires.  It’s given us the peace of mind that someone is not going to slip through the cracks, while also keeping us top of mind with potential clients.

Because sometimes life gets busy and a potential client goes MIA for a week, or two, OR more.  AND, because wedding season is grueling, and who has time to send that 3rd follow up?

Flodesk is the email marketing company I personally use, and they’ve made it easy to create stunning emails, and find personalized help along the way via their support online Facebook community.  They’ve given me back so much time with my family, friends, and clients – and for that, I’m a fan!

So, here I am, as a fellow planner, encouraging you to consider your email list and the power it could have for your business AND personal life.  Here are the things I encourage every planner to do with an email marketing company partner.

  1. Save time, by making an email list of potential clients, automatically when they inquire, and send them a simple, short sequence of follow up emails to stay top of mind without having to click send. I use Zapier to make this automation easy.
  2. Collect emails with an opt-in (as a planner, a free checklist or budget guide is engaging) and stay top of mind with a sequence of helpful wedding planning emails to help them remember you when it comes time for them to hire a planner.
  3. Create brand awareness and a tribe that gets pumped when you launch a new service, location OR celebrate a win!

It’s my hope that this email inspires you to try new things and grow your business without the grind.

Rooting for you friend,



Founder + Creative Director of Chancey Charm 




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