September 30, 2022

How To Launch A Wedding Planner Business That Pays

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Are you looking for more freedom and flexibility in your life? You’ve come to the right place. 

My journey into wedding planning wasn’t by happenstance. When I started, I was a newlywed working a corporate job. It allowed me to help financially care for our family, but it didn’t offer the flexibility I knew I’d want when we started having children. I knew there had to be a better way to earn an income, use my interest in event-planning, and be a present mom and wife.

In this video / podcast episode I’m sharing how I built a 6-figure planning business. Plus my tips for launching not only a wedding planning business that you love but also one that contributes financially to your family. 

I have a personal vision statement for the academy and all that I teach that I stand by:

I help women have a creative career that they love with freedom and flexibility to focus on their faith and family.

You don’t have to have thousands of dollars in the bank to start a successful planning business. Find out which investments I encourage you to make early on in your wedding planning career and why they are important. Plus stay tuned for the extra bonus at the end! 



  • 0:58 – Looking For Freedom & Flexibility In Your Life? How I built a 6-figure planning business with $300
  • 2:10 – How I’ve Learned From Both Successes and Failures
  • 4:47 – Host A Brand Shoot To Attract Your Target Client
  • 6:58 – Create A Viable Website & Socials To Attract Your Target Client
  • 10:11 – Snag My FREE Wedding Planner Launch Guide With Even More Must Have Resources

For everyone who prefers to read instead of listen, here’s a recap of what this video covers:

  1. Start with a brand shoot. Hire a professional photographer. Set up a table with place cards, flowers, place settings… all of those little items that you can use to take details shots and action shots for your portfolio. One affordable strategy is to partner with other new vendors, like florists or print shops, to build professional relationships and include high quality items in your photos. During the shoot, your photographer should also take headshots you can include on your website.  Your ultimate goal is to have professional action shots, detail shots, and headshots that you can use on your website and Instagram. This photo shoot is one of the most important investments you can make in your new business. 
  2. Create a viable website + socials. Don’t worry, there’s no need to invest thousands of dollars into a website as you get started. Begin with a one page site that includes professional images, a short description of your services, a short bio, and contact information. Be sure to include a headshot of your face- potential clients will want to see you! If you’re ready for a more in-depth site, I’d love to recommend my favorite website designer! You also need to have a professional Instagram account that includes at least 20 images. For most beginning planners, this will include a mixture of images from your brand shoot and stock images that align with your planning aesthetic.  With every new client you’ll be able to add more photos. 

Building a wedding planning business that pays is possible with the right tools, resources, and community on your side. But where do you start to ensure you’re not kicking off your career shooting in the dark and wasting time? Not to worry—I’ve taken care of that part for you!

The episode above + my complimentary launch guide is the ultimate blueprint for starting your wedding planning career off on the right, ready-to-take-names foot. In it, I break down the first 5 things you need to do once you’ve decided to start a wedding planning business.

My launch guide will walk you through the two steps I covered in the video, plus three more key actions you need to take in starting your business: host a styled shoot, collect reviews, and form venue partnerships. To make things easier, I also included links to resources that you can follow to master each step with ease. You’ll feel prepared at every point of your journey.

The launch guide also includes:

  • a space to help you create an action plan. Knowing what steps need to happen, you’ll be able to consider what needs to happen next week, next month, and even next year. 
  • my “Little Black Book” of planner resources. It’s full of all the information I wish I had when I first started my career as a wedding planner. 

I want you to dream big, friend! 

Starting your own planning business isn’t rocket science. All you have to do is follow a process that’s been proven to work. 

Always rooting for you! 



Do you want to learn how to launch your wedding planner business without endless google searches?

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