January 9, 2023

5 Luxury Wedding Exits We Love

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Our Planner's Favorite Luxury Wedding Exit Ideas

When it comes to your wedding send-off a popular way is a sparkler exit.  However, there are many other unique and creative ideas to end your wedding in style. We’ve polled our planners on their favorite luxury wedding exits, and this is what they said.  This post is sure to inspire.


PLANNER NAME: Johnnie & Co. Events | www.johnnie.events 

Thinking of creative exits that compliment your venue and personality can be hard. I always love a unique mode of transportation. One of my couple’s who had their destination wedding in Charleston left the venue in a golf cart (people often drive them around town) with the groom’s favorite beer brand (Yuengling) rattling from the golf cart with ribbons. It was adorable and so fitting!

PLANNER NAME: Jade Ladson | www.jladsonweddings.com 

Lavender is often said to bring good luck but it is also a symbol of love and devotion. Lavender buds not only offer a hint of fragrance but they’re a great choice for romantic or pastel color palettes.

PLANNER NAME: Kathryne Carter | www.graceandvirtueevents.com

I love a good last song and group photo at the end of the night to commemorate the celebration. And if the venue/location and photographer allows it, an aerial shot of the group is always fun.

PLANNER NAME: Sabrina Lee | www.lilliejanedesigns.com

Sometimes the most simple idea makes for the most romantic exit. One of our couples wanted to keep their exit minimal and without any wasted items; they were also staying the night at their venue (suites within their venue), so they didn’t want to rent a getaway car or make too big of a fuss. Instead, we lined up their guests to give the newlyweds a final wave goodbye, and the lovebirds took a private walk down charming street of the venue with photography following. The moment felt so special and indicative of the two ‘walking into their future together’.

PLANNER NAME: Jacinda MerChant | www.tierandco.co

A classic soul train line!! The past few weddings I have had included a lot of guests that did not want to leave the dance floor, so we came up with the idea of doing a soul train light leading right out of the door!!  It’s unique, creative, while still making sure everyone is involved!

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Luxury Wedding Exit Ideas

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