January 11, 2023

Top 3 Techniques To Book Your Next Client

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Are you struggling to book that amazing couple you just chatted with?

Do you feel disconnected and lost during or after the consultation process?

I get it! I’ve been there, and I’ve walked alongside dozens of planners with the same feelings, questions and frustrations.

This past fall, I was sitting with a highly acclaimed planner, when the thought crossed my mind to ask her how she has managed to book so many fabulous weddings and sweet couples. What was the secret to her success?

I wasn’t surprised when her answer was simple and something I’d noticed over and over again in the industry. It was that moment that inspired me to make and share this guide with our team and the planners + creatives following along here.

The secret to success in sales isn’t actually a secret at all – and I’m laying it all out in my SALES PROCESS FOR WEDDING PLANNERS – which is included inside the Wedding Planner Launch Bundle.

In this process, you’ll receive 2 easy to follow sales guides, that will change the way you’re booking:

#1 – Top 3 Techniques To Book Your Next Client


 3 TECHNIQUES TO BOOK Your Next Client

– PRO TIP we use to book clients consistently at Chancey Charm




#2 – A Sales Process That Works:

This sales guide set is easy to use and will outline the entire sales process we use to turn our leads into clients. But, this is more than a consultation guide. This is a proven sales system to help you and your team book your next lead


– SETTING GOALS FOR SUCCESS so that you know when to celebrate! You can’t hit your sales goals if you don’t set them!

– SETTING UP ACCOUNTABILITY QUESTIONS FOR YOUR BUSINESS so that you can stay on track with your sales goals. It’s important to know where you are at in the sales process so that you know where to focus your efforts in order to impact your bottom line.

– HOW TO RESPOND TO A NEW INQUIRY so that you know how to make a stellar first impression that wows your potential clients from the start.

– HOW TO WIN OVER A CLIENT DURING THE CONSULTATION so that you’re the only person they want to speak with (and book!).

– HOW TO ESTABLISH BOUNDARIES WITH YOUR CLIENTS so that you can ensure your client trusts and understands your process. Having boundaries allows you to exceed expectations from the start.

– STEP BY STEP CONSULTATION GUIDE so that you know exactly what to say (and when) in order to close the sale. This is the step-by-step process you’ve been looking for!

– PRICING FOR SUCCESS so that you understand how to price yourself from the beginning–no matter your market.

– ACTION STEPS FOR WINNING THAT NEXT CLIENT–so that you feel confident you can convert an uncertain inquiry into a happy client.

*This resource is included in the All Access Wedding Planner Membership.*

Happy Booking!


Founder, Chancey Charm



3 Techniques To Book Your Next Client | Wedding Planner Business Tips

Do you want to learn how to launch your wedding planner business without endless google searches?

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