December 5, 2022

Wedding Day Essentials | What You Need in a Wedding Day Emergency Kit

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What You Really Need In A Wedding Day Emergency Kit

We polled our 20+ planning partners at Chancey Charm to find out what you really need in your wedding day emergency kit as a bride, planner or maid of honor.  And, this is what they said…

PLANNER NAME: Skylar Caitlin |

If your wedding day attire includes buttons or loops, I highly recommend having a crochet hook to help speed up the buttoning & unbuttoning process. It’ll save your wedding party’s fingers, frustration, and time. (psst… this can also be helpful for your partner to have at the end of the night!) 

PLANNER NAME: Sarah Richard | 

Two wedding day essentials that we cannot stress enough are safety pins and wardrobe tape! Safety pins are going to a lifesaver for broken buttons, boutonnieres not cooperating, and so much more! Now wardrobe tape…this can save your heels for the shoes that you thought were comfortable, taping underneath your dress for the bra that may not be cutting it, or even a last minute hack for any decorating needs. 

PLANNER NAME: Mariah Lehnert | 

These are two of the top used items in our emergency kit for good reason. One, linen clips! Most folks getting married want an outdoor wedding, especially here in Colorado. Mother nature, or more importantly the wind, can be relentless and these little plastic doodads are clutch for keeping linens in place! Bonus – the clear ones aren’t overly noticeable. Finally, you need a solid first aid kit! If there will be late night flip flop dancing, (please skip the flops and wear tennies!) you can expect broken glass and cut feet. A good first aid kit will include disposable gloves, antiseptic ointment, tweezers, bandaids and more. 

PLANNER NAME: Kathryne Carter | 

If you find that you have a stain or a mark on your wedding attire, a stain stick is always great to have on hand. It will remove the stain, like it never happened. I always have 2 in my kit. 

PLANNER NAME: Tiffany Toxey |

Having a collection of items that can fix problems on wedding day are essential and we always have our emergency day kit ready for use! One of our often used items are super glue; which can be used for a broken nail or to reapply just about anything- talk about a life-saver. We also have hygiene products (tampons/pads) that are not only used by the bridal party, but also by the guests. Sunscreen is our number one with tropical destination weddings that are outdoors. Drinking straws have also become a great addition to our kit as it reduces the reapplying of lipstick as drinking water helps with keeping hydrated for a full day! These are just a few of the items we have in our kit.

PLANNER NAME: Jade Ladson |

As a Wedding Planner, we need to always be over prepared for all situations. Even then… Life has a funny way of throwing you a curve ball so having an emergency kit is definitely a must. The perfect Emergency Kit has many unexpected pieces that can help you.

solve an issue faster and more efficiently. However, I’ve found that my absolute must-haves are:

  •       Pain/Headache Medicine
  •       Allergy Medicine
  •       Eyelash Glue
  •       Antibacterial Cream
  •       Mints/Cough drops

Now you know exactly what to include in your wedding day emergency kit, we hope this saves some stress on your wedding day! 

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What you need in a wedding day emergency kit

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