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In a world where everyone is hopping online to find their clothes, establish travel plans and plan their events, reviews have become more important than ever. As a new creative, they scared me to death. I was paralyzed by the thought of what a negative review could do to my business. It left me awake at night and continually on edge within client interactions.

As I’ve developed and built a brand that has expanded to 13 cities, reviews have become even more important, but they no longer keep me up at night. Don’t get me wrong, we have had unhappy clients, but I’ve found that more often than not, they are eager to talk it out and have the situation rectified over public shaming. Reviews continue to be a huge part of what makes our planners attractive to potential clients online, and we’ve learned to embrace them.

As a creative, I highly encourage you to set up a place online where you can ask past clients and associates to leave reviews of your services. We have a Wedding Wire and Knot listing for each of our locations for this purpose, and Yelp is also a great spot to send clients.

At the end of each quarter or at least twice a year, I recommend reaching out and asking past clients to review your services. With a simple template for your review request and a list of client emails, it’s amazing how fast you can reach out for reviews.

Something that I also encourage you to do is reach out to past co-workers or creatives for reviews. It says a lot about you as a creative when other industry professionals recommend you. I’ve included two email templates for requesting reviews below for your use and customization.


Happy Bride

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Thank you so very much for allowing me to be a part of your big day (or project). It was such a joy to see everything come to life. If you have time, I would oh so appreciate a review of my services. You can leave a simple review at [URL SPECIFIC TO YOUR BUSINESS].





Hi Friend!

I hope that you are doing well and surviving the wedding season (or enjoying other times the of year)! I wanted to send an email to see if you could help me build my business by leaving me a review of my (creative skill) and customer service. If you have a link, I’m also more than happy to leave a review on your stellar services as well!

Here is the best place to leave me a review:


Thanks friend! I hope to work with you soon!





Cheers Friends!

Sarah Chancey

Founder, Creative Director of Chancey Charm

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Sarah Chancey shares tips on how to create a review strategy that works for wedding planners plus two email templates. #weddingplannertips #weddingplannerbusiness

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