May 6, 2020

Date Night In

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If you don’t already have plans this weekend to binge your Netflix queue, can I interest you in a date night?
I know that these are challenging times and planning a wedding feels at least 10x more stressful than it did just a few weeks ago. We’re heartsick for our couples who have had to postpone so far, for the ones still hanging in uncertainty, and for those who are unable to be together because of travel restrictions. But one of the things that still remains true of weddings is that, ultimately, it’s all about the marriage and commitment you’re making to one another.
If you’re like my husband and I, we’ve been in sweatpants more than not, have gotten creative – although not always successful – in the kitchen, and are venting about that WFH life to each other now more than ever. So I think a date night is in order. 
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Here’s the steps to make this stay-at-home date night work:

Whether you’re getting a “family meal” or “date night special” from a local restaurant or just ordering curbside pick-up of a bottle of wine, make sure that you’re making date night easy on yourselves. Unless doing dishes together sparks joy, I’d skip the home cooked and support local with your meal.

You don’t have to change out of your sweatpants or leave the couch – unless your weekend “travel” plans include a trip to La Costa del Balconia. But if you’ve been looking for an excuse to put on some makeup, go for it! This is about making time to reconnect, whatever that means to you as a couple.

The date night cheatsheet was inspired by one of those copy-and-paste Facebook trends I saw floating around which I modified into the Lightening Round section. My husband, Matt, and I went through the full list for each other and then went back and laughed over what the “correct answers were”. Can you nail your significant other’s perfect pizza order? 
There you have it! 3 steps to a stay-at-home date night that will help you reconnect and hopefully give you a few laughs, as well. I hope this is a bright spot in your social distancing and inspires you to get creative about continuing to date one another into this next season of life together.


Date Night Ideas | 3 steps to a stay-at-home date night that will help you reconnect as a couple and hopefully give you a few laughs during quarantine. Also check out our 2 free resources for to keep you entertained! #datenightin #couplegoals #datenightideas

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