November 15, 2021

Things To Consider When Planning A Desert Wedding

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When it comes to planning a desert wedding, many couples forget that the desert can get pretty chilly at night! Everyone thinks dessert = hot, hot, hot! But, be advised once the sun goes down, it can get cold. Prepare for the elements with a tent, or thinking of heaters or wraps for your guests, even in the summer months! We’re sharing more things to consider when planning a desert wedding below. Cheers!

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  • The desert sun is notorious for a reason. When picking your venue, pay extra close attention to which direction your guests will be facing for the ceremony. Golden hour photos are gorgeous, but not at the expense of your family and friend’s vision! Also keep an eye out for areas to add shade. Guests will congregate around the shady areas, so make it purposeful with a fun lounge area! 
  • Most people only think about the desert heat, but at certain times of the year, the temperature can change drastically from day to night. When the sun sets on your desert wedding, be sure to have plenty of heat sources – especially if you’re planning on an outdoor reception. Think about having blankets or shawls available for the ladies. Sprinkle a few throw blankets like this or this throughout your reception area so guests can easily grab one. Or try a tequila bar to keep your guests warm from the inside out! 
  • Every bride wants to look back at their wedding with no regrets. This means staying away from trends that will instantly date your wedding day (looking at you 80’s puffy sleeves!). Desert aesthetics can be found everywhere lately from home improvement stores to shopping malls to wedding blogs. Make sure you are making decisions that are true to you and your partner, not ones that fit today’s trends. Be thoughtful of all your design choices and you won’t regret a thing about your big day. 
  • Many cities in warm, arid areas have large-scale events hosted there regularly. Check the city’s event schedule to make sure your guests aren’t sold out of their hotel because of a music festival or sporting event.
  • This area of the United States doesn’t have as much of an off-season weather-wise as the rest of the country so you may not see the same discounts for a February wedding as you would in a wintery state. 
  • Most venues have a rain plan, but in the desert, your biggest concern should be high winds. Yes, it does sometimes rain in this climate, but it is much more likely for there to be 60 mph winds ruining your outdoor ceremony than a rain shower. Make sure you check weather trends before falling in love with decor that can’t withstand that desert breeze. 
  • When planning a desert wedding, you need to be aware of how variable the temperature can be. While you might start out with a warm, sunny ceremony in the afternoon, after the sun sets temperatures can drop dramatically. During the sunshine hours, prepare by supplying plenty of water. Keep water and glasses somewhere easily accessible- place a few drink dispensers like this one throughout the ceremony and reception area. while having heaters and blankets in your wedding colors ready go for a later reception. I love this gorgeous propane heater for an option that will look beautiful with your decor! Also consider reminding guests of this diurnal shift by including a note to wear layers on your wedding website or enclosed details card.

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When planning a desert wedding there are many things to consider in order to keep your guests comfortable. We are rounding up our best wedding planning tips for desert weddings.

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