May 1, 2023

Wedding Budget Tips | Avoid These 6 Cost Cutting Wedding Mistakes

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No matter your wedding budget, it’s wise to save money where you can so that the aspects of your wedding that are most important to you, say the food or the flowers, can really shine! For example, if you notice the cost of your dream photographer is over the allocated amount you planned to spend in that area, then it’ll be important to find ways to cut back in other areas you may not be passionate about. To ensure you’re heading in the direction of savvy savings, avoid these cost cutting wedding mistakes. Cheers!

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Wedding Budget Tips + Cost Cutting Wedding Mistakes

  • Choosing a “cheaper” venue, but not taking into account if they are all-inclusive or supply rentals is a mistake. Why? Some all-inclusive venues have high catering minimums you have to meet that can put you over budget if you don’t allocate accordingly. Other venues might be less expensive, but all you get is the venue, so you need to take into account paying for tables, chairs, linens, dinnerware, glassware, etc. 
  • Doing your own florals can still be very expensive with the time and labor it takes, as well as materials, like vases. Making a bouquet is not an easy task! It truly takes away from time the day before the wedding.
  • Many couples think having a wedding at home in the backyard is cheaper, when it can be much more expensive! Tents, power, bathrooms, parking attendants, and permits from the town can quickly add up! Also, renting everything and removing trash/recyclables can be expensive!
  • Not having welcome letters. Many couples think once the guests arrive in town for the wedding, they should be fine. The printing of a welcome letter with directions, maps, and the schedule of the weekend is still much needed! Guests want to have everything easily accessible (put it on your wedding website at minimum) or in their hands (even better). It will also save the bride and her family many calls and texts the weekend of the wedding with lost guests!
  • Brides often think renting a bunch of items is a money saver. Some items are better off rented, but some items are better off purchased! Research what items would save you money by purchasing vs. renting.
  • Forgetting to factor in service charges and taxes can be a big mistake. You’ve been carefully charting your wedding budget in a spreadsheet and everything is perfect! It comes down to the exact dollar amount you wanted. Make sure you’ve read your vendor contracts carefully and factored in service charges and taxes. Service charges can run from 22-30% and can come from your venue, caterer, beverage service, and a variety of your other vendors. Taxes vary from state to state, but can heavily affect your budget’s bottom line.

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Avoid these cost cutting wedding mistakes

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