May 5, 2014

Going Au Naturale: Naked Wedding Cakes

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No, you didn’t read that wrong. Today, we’re stripping it down to the basics and discussing a different side of wedding cakes. What qualifies as a naked cake? Basically, they are regular cakes that simply lack the frosting around the sides.  To be honest, I wasn’t sold on naked cakes the first time I saw one. I thought they were a little silly and unfinished; I mean what is cake without icing after all? But what I was missing was the artistry. While the intricacy of piping might be overtly beautiful, there is something exquisite in the simplicity and fragility of a naked cake. It is, after all, naked, with nothing to hide blemishes or runny fillings.

What truly won me over for this cake style was the opportunity to contrast. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for juxtaposition in design – my dream bedroom would include exposed brick contrasted with a gauzy canopy atop my plush bed – so give me the rough, disheveled feel of bare cake balanced with the soft, feminine feel the fluffy frosting and ooh-la-la my heart is won! Add in a few to-die-for fresh garnishes and you’ve got a beautiful reception focal point. But that isn’t the only way to utilize this bare confection. Turn up the fun by creating an ombre effect separating the layers of color with frosting. For the more playful, choose a cake with confetti in the mix and adorn with tall, skinny candles to add a touch of glam.

If you like something different than fondant and royal icing, if you think sugar flowers can’t top the real thing, if you think that there is beauty in the natural then a naked cake just might be for you. Be sure to give careful consideration to your fillings and flavors. These two factors have the greatest effect on appearance as they are the visible parts of your cake. Discuss with your baker to ensure the flavor combinations are cohesive and that they won’t be stacked too far in advance as this will dry out the cake. Still unsure what all the fuss is about? Scroll through the stunning images below and see some of the dazzling options in the world of cake.

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P.S. To maximize the beauty of a naked cake, choose components such as fruit, edible garnishes, and fresh flowers that highlight its “natural” feel.

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photo by Odalys Mendez Photography

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