April 6, 2022

How To Find The Perfect Destination Wedding Location (For Planners & Brides) | Training Video

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If you’re a bride that’s feeling paralyzed at the thought of choosing the perfect destination wedding location, you are NOT alone! It can be hard to select a destination + venue that you, your groom, and all of your guests will be happy with, especially when you’re doing it all from hundreds or thousands of miles away.

If you’re a wedding planner watching this video, this process will work perfectly for your couples as well! Even experienced planners may be surprised by the tips I’m going to share with you today. 


Because I think we often get all kinds of nervous when it comes to planning a destination wedding. BUT, the reality is that the process for planning a destination wedding is much like the process for planning in your local area!  The biggest difference is simply selecting the location you’re heading to.

So let’s dive in!


9 Steps To Select The Perfect Destination Wedding Location:

  1. establish a solid  guest list + realistic budget before you do anything else. this protects you from destination/venue fatigue, so you’re not looking at places that won’t accommodate your guest count or are out of your budget. 
  2. create a list of words that describe the vibe or vision for the wedding weekend (this is where a professional planner can step in and create a mood board for your wedding. even if you don’t want the support of a full service planner, you can often hire a professional to walk you through the initial design process)
  3. make a list, yes an actual list, of destinations that you as a couple love, and eliminate any locations that do not fit your vibe. 
  4. consider travel… how long will it take for your guests to get to these locations? where are they coming from? eliminate destinations that do not fit your guest’s travel abilities or budgets. it’s perfectly fine to select a more remote or distant location as long as you’re comfortable with having a much more intimate wedding. 
  5. consider the weather and season you’re looking to get married in. eliminate destinations that will not have ideal weather during your preferred dates, and do some research to find out any events that are happening around that time. you probably don’t want to plan a wedding the weekend of a huge festival. not only will you and your guests have to contend with crowds, but prices and availability are going to be extremely limited. (a professional travel agent is a great resource for this kind of information as you plan)
  6. once you’ve narrowed down a destination or city, create a list of 2-3 property options that fit within your restrictions for you visit (this is where a professional planner and travel agent can help you select quality options)
  7. create a list of “must have” amenities and read reviews online to narrow down your search. list anything you deem important for you and your guests. do you want an all inclusive location? should there be public transportation and walking access to avoid the hassle of car rentals? is there a certain view you want to have?  
  8. make a site visit a priority before you make a final selection. this is my absolute biggest tip for couples planning a destination wedding. first of all, it helps you set your expectations for what your wedding weekend really will be like for you and your guests. in addition, this visit will help you connect emotionally with your location, and be excited about sharing it with your guests. a visit gives you the inside scoop about a location and creates a sense of ownership in your location.
  9. select a venue that you really love, and would love even if none of your florals and decor arrived. this ensures you have the aesthetic that you dreamed of on your wedding day. it also creates a little buffer around the day in case anything happens to go wrong.

It’s my hope that this system will allow you to find a location that fits so that you can take a deep breath and know that you’ve made an informed decision that you’re going to truly enjoy with your guests! Once you’ve selected your location, you can charge full steam ahead with all of the other planning pieces you’ve been looking forward to.

If you’re looking for more destination wedding planning guidance, check out the Chancey Charm Wedding Planner Academy, where you can purchase my destination wedding guide as part of the resource bundle or book a 1-on-1 virtual design session with a professional wedding planner today! We’d love to help make this process a little more enjoyable and a little less stressful for you.

Happy Planning!




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